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Dr. MarQo Jusreall, or , “Q", 

is a professional vocalist and consultant via Jusreall Music Group Global, LLC (JMGG), a vanity publishing and consultancy company, helping entertainment creatives, ministries, and organizations strategize and systemize their development.

Q's research and expertise point to the value of tools and people... and the work required is usually just a few pivots away! Let's systemize creative development catered to your goals!

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Professor. Singer. Writer. Believer.

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Creative Efficacy ToolBox (CET)

(Patton, 2021)

This conceptual framework of creative (n.) efficacy establishes the context for exploration of self-development and engagement with tools and people, and serves as the basis to my qualitative inquiry in the music and entertainment industries. (to access article, click the link above or the image below):



The article provides implications for framing creative development in the larger academic and entertainment communities that encourages discussion around creative sustainability” - Dr. Q

JSTOR (via College Music Symposium)

... there's something in me GREATER... it's my time, my moment, my life, and my purpose... and I'm Alright With Me!!!”

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